The first order of business this 2019


It seems cliche doesn’t it?

Almost everyone is setting goals at the beginning of the year, this has been the norm since, well, forever. At every first week of January that’s all you can read in almost everyone’s feed in social media; back in the days and up to now that’s also the main topic on morning shows during this time of the year.

For me, that’s a good thing. Having a positive yearly habit is way better than not having any positive thing in your life at all. Having something to aim for is better than not having a direction for the year, or in your life for that matter. Watching people’s interview about their goal settings, what they dream this year, their life ambitions, is a refreshing entertainment and a very much welcomed break from all the negative news circulating in the media.

But if you’re serious about setting goals (like how I believe I am), it shouldn’t only be an annual thing, setting goals should be a DAILY HABIT.

I am grateful to have read the book The One Thing last year, it made explaining goal settings to my colleagues and to people surrounding me in general, way easier. It uses the scientifically proven Domino Effect as a foundation of the process. This process is pretty simple, you just have to ask yourself these questions and your answers become your goals:

  1. Your SOMEDAY GOAL:Β ask yourself, what is your ULTIMATE GOAL? Your BIGGEST WHY?
  2. Your FIVE-YEAR GOAL: to reach your someday goal, what are you willing to do in the next five years?
  3. Your ONE-YEAR GOAL: to reach your five-year goals, what’s the one thing you can do within this year?
  4. Your MONTHLY GOAL: to reach your annual go what must you do within this month?
  5. Your WEEKLY GOAL: to arrive at your monthly target what are you aiming to accomplish this week?
  6. Your DAILY GOAL: ask yourself, what goals have you set today that will help you get to your weekly goal?
  7. And the most important action of all… What amazing, positive thing are you doing RIGHT NOW that can positively lead you to your DAILY GOAL?

I love this process, this is my favorite goal setting system so far. It is so easy yet if you practice it the results are amazing. What seems to be impossible become easily possible πŸ™‚ Because BIG DREAMS are achieved by taking SMALL ACTIONS, one baby step at a time. It’s just like compounding interests. Marginal improvements for the win!

2019 goals SOMEDAY.JPG

This coming Monday is my first trading day for 2019, it’s not my 1st 1-day goal though, it will already be my 3rd one-week goal to reach my monthly goal in trading. I have faith that my someday goal in trading will come sooner than 5 years, it can be done with persistence and consistency, these are 2 actions that are always included in my daily goals πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is my first day in office for 2019, my whole week there will be dedicated to one-on-one coaching and setting goals with all the staff.

Today was my first day in setting my personal goals. Why do I say first day when it doesn’t take long to set goals? In my case, it takes me about a week to polish my goals, sometimes I add something as long as it is of substance, or sometimes I remove something in the list when I feel it is not helpful.

I’m excited to finish writing my goals and hanging my new vision boards! And I am more excited in accomplishing them!

I wish I can share all my goals with you, but here’s one thing I’m sure of: it will include goals that create POSITIVE HABITS – this is one thing I’m proud of, consistently being an optimist in the past 8 years πŸ™‚

Happy new year! Happy year of the pig! May all your dreams within your 1-year goal list come true!

2019 goals

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