Reminders for a Fresh Start (Reviewer Series)


November 27, 2018

This is it! A fresh start. After months of training with Master Class, we are finally released into the wild to hunt by our own after a rigorous training, it’s time to put our weapons and our skills into the tests. We already know that our weapons work, our mentors showed us they do, our mentors showed us how to, we practiced them a few times and we experienced how they efficiently work. The skills can be trained,  and honed by practice – we know that too… The REAL CHALLENGE now is WITHIN OURSELVES… Can we survive? Can we win this battle? Can we thrive?

YES WE CAN! YES WE WILL! Because when we promised our mentors a hundred percent success rate for this batch WE ALREADY BURNED THE SHIPS – there is no looking back now!

Remember your training and everything that we, your mentors, have taught you.
Remember the lessons, stories of the struggles and the success of the mentors of ZFT shared to you.
Go forth and be excellent in everything you do. Bring our culture wherever you go. Show everyone what ZFT is all about. Make us proud! Show them what Erudite is made of!
We are really proud of you guys. Go 100%!
This morning my partner and I were chatting,  I told her how excited I am to go back to charting this week, and how happy I am that one of my chart matched that of an actual trade of Boss Zee. She agrees that I have improved with my charting skills since I learned the ZFT system, she then went on to remind me that,

“Your enemy is yourself.” –Aling Flor

I agree… I accept that my weakness is not with reading charts, it is with execution, therefore, I begin my hunt with this self-talk:




I’ll start with reviewing my Trading Psychology notes, and adding these here to remind myself to strive better everyday.


Dear Self,

Good luck, God bless, and go go go work hard for your dream!

11 27 2018 excali

11     27     2018 for blog.png

And to cap it off, a hangover from Bohemian Rhapsody movie fever. DON’T STOP ME NOW! I’M A SHOOTING STAR LEAPING THROUGH THE SKY!

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