The LIGHTNING Before That Long Loud Roaring Thunder

A Strike of Knowledge

Before I discuss my subject, tanong ko lang, trader ka ba? Kung oo, siguro kilala mo na si ZeeFreaks noh? Kung hindi pa, ito siya: Zeefreaks (n.) an awesome trader who became an awesome mentor to so many awesome traders who later on became awesome mentors too!

Ang dami bang awesome?

Madami talaga sila! To know their names, just check this out: ZFT Mentors

Eto din pala ang listahan ng awesome blogs nila where you can learn a lot of free awesome trading lessons: ZFT Blogs.

Sabi ko sa’yo eh, madaming awesome sa ZFT!

Kung may awesome ka naman na tanong na kailangan ng awesome na sagot, comment ka lang sa awesome page na ito: FB/ZFTribe

Para sa kin, ZeeFreaks Tribe creates a lightning of knowledge that whenever it strikes it’s so epic that it leaves a long loud roaring thunder – the mentors & the students that become.

Which leads us to my topic, the strike of knowledge that I welcomed to my brain with open arms.  If you’re a trader, you’ve probably heard of Boss Zee’s ZS Play or the Zeus Strike Play. If not, let me explain it to you in the best way I could.

ZS is a phenomenon where the 100MA dives under the price of a down-trending stock that can signal the beginning of a trend reversal. The amazing thing is, I only knew six days ago that there are two ways to play the ZS. And if you catch both of them they’re going to reward you handsomely! 

“ZS is one of the best strategies for Trend Following” –Zeefreaks

Well I hear ya’ boss! With your years of experience, I would listen.

So I did, intently…

Here’s to show you how to spot it in the chart:

ZS and iZS

Whoooops! Hold your horses! Before planning that long-overdue vacation and buying that private jet you’ve always drooled over in magazines, you have to put in the hours of studying this mystical event. Before you go ALL IN when you think you found a stock that is poised for a ZS play, well, think again, and better yet… LEARN IT FOR FREE. It’s not as easy as it looks, believe me! Here’s your link for the study materials:


And of course, one of my favorite songs and music video (pagbigyan nyo na, related naman eh).

Hanggang sa muli…

Have fun learning!

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