How do I love Zee?

Let me count the ways…

5     10      15


25     30     35     40     45


55     60     65     70     75   80     85    90     95


I hope I made you think for a moment there that I was writing a poem. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous piece was what popped up in my head last night when I was thinking of something that could make Boss Zee’s cute “counting” preference the center of my journal entry. It may be cutesy and fun, and was not even the main topic of our class, but it is what made a lasting impression on me – probably because I’m always thrilled to learn any of Boss Zee and Coach Celeste’s likeness to us mere fans.

Reading Elizabeth’s poem for the first time after so many years brought back vivid memories of my high school life particularly that corner of the library where I first discovered How Do I Love Thee. Her and her husband Robert’s poetry intrigued me so much that I enjoyed scouring through the dusty books that told their love story, Google was not yet even a word back then. I can’t help but compare their relationship with the #ZeeLeste tandem which I’m equally obsessed to.

Sorry I just had to interject that in here because I’m a huge #ZeeLeste fan! Pinapakilig ko na naman ang sarili ko, hihihihihihi.

How do I love Zee.png


20     50     100

Last night was Thursday, June 21, it was our 2nd Technical Analysis mentoring session with Boss Zee. Identifying Trends through the two most popular ways – Moving Averages and Trend Lines – was what he taught us and the numbers 20, 50, 100 were the main characters of our session.

As for the moving averages and trend lines, it’s really up to you which one you want to use, as my classmate and friend Nikkosan said:

“Perspective is everything”

It might help to note though that Moving Average is Zeefreaks’ favorite and the rest of the ZFTs use them too.

If you are a technical trader:

  • You most probably have read Zeefreaks’ blog and know these numbers as the famous composition of the AOTS, the Alignment Of The Stars.
  • You might already know that the above numbers pertain to the Moving Average parameters that the ZFTs use.
  • You are sure that 20 MA is used for short term trends, 50MA for medium term trends, and 100MA for long term trends.
  • It’s also easy for you to identify that when the PRICE IS ABOVE the MAs, the trend is bullish or it’s in an uptrend.
  • Equally easy for you to identify that when the PRICE IS BELOW the MAs, the trend is bearish or it’s in a downtrend.

If you are just beginning to study technical analysis, well, consider the above pointers as ZeeFreaks Tribe’s gift to you. And you can read Boss Zee’s clear explanation in his blog.


The colors on the chart.

We all know that Boss Zeefreaks uses Red color on his 20MA line and Blue for his 100MA line or the Zeus Strike (we’ll talk about that some other time). But we had a bit of a debate last night whether the 50MA was Pink or Purple. So I asked myself, what if Red and Blue merged and had a baby, what would it look like? I did some checking and here is the result…


Guys, it’s MAGENTA!

So I don’t know about you but I’m changing my 50MA line color to MAGENTA! Hahahaha!


magenta 50


Seriously, why do I love Zee?

I was surprised that Boss allows us to share in our blogs what he is teaching us in class, I mean he could’ve easily said “Let me think about it” when he got asked, but he gave a straight answer he did not even hesitate for a second and said “You can share it publicly if you want Nu.” Hindi talaga madamot si Boss pagdating sa pagse-share ng knowledge niya. His RAK works already reflect his genuine generosity, but sharing his knowledge this way just adds up to my admiration for him… I have mad respect for the guy. I said guy, not guru 🙂 


Heal the world with love.

Writing about love made me feel warm inside it reminds me of how addicted I am to loving my life partner, too. Here’s the music I play on during cool down exercises, when I hear this it means it’s almost time to go home to my love.

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