It still feels like a dream.

I left the office today feeling giddy, it’s six fifteen in the evening at my part of the world, we just had our first Technical Analysis class with The Boss himself… It ended with a beautiful advice from his lady:

“Make the journey a pleasurable one for you. Otherwise, you won’t last.” – typed in the chat bar by our Trading Psychology Coach, Celeste, my mentor.

Today is the day.

It’s June 20, 2018. My day started early as it had in the past week, I do a daily chore that helps me create a positive habit within my family, this was a part of our coach’s project for us. And today, my group mates and I will have our first TA class ever – THIS IS BIG – because it means we passed our performance coach’s habit test which we needed to complete before we can move further. Aren’t we the luckiest bunch? We have the most awesome performance coach in the universe! Not only is she shaping us to become the best traders on the planet, she’s in fact creating a positive ripple in our families’ lives too. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to call her Wendy Rhoades.

Before I tell you what I learned from Boss Zee, here’s the title of the song I’ve been listening to on repeat while writing this, it’s Livewire by Oh Wonder, you’ll find the music within Celeste’s blog post which I also read before writing this. Here’s the link, enjoy:

Trapped in a Circle


So, what have I learned today?

In the opening activity, Boss asked us to share our investing and trading journey. I thought I‘d finished reading Boss Zee’s blog, but I was surprised to know that he started investing  in the stock market as early as 2006 when he was still in High School, a lot earlier than what I thought I knew. It seems I have some blog reviewing to do. Boss same with everyone else in the class started off as an investor, he had an account with some shares given to him as a gift from his brother. It was interesting to know that the stock options were from his brother’s company program, I know about two big companies here in my city who does the same which is somewhat similar to US’ 401K, but this is the first time I hear that a company from the Philippines actually does this. Made me ponder, my staff is aging too, I might need to consider having a pension plan in place starting next year, this is something I’ve planned a couple of years ago but was shelved to prioritize medical insurance.

Back to Boss Zee (my mind got sidetracked for a moment there), he started speculation trading (though he had no idea back then) when he joined Finance Manila. At the beginning, he only listens to stock recommendations, and his first traded stocks included SMC & PCOR. After seeing the potential profits that this new world he discovered can bring, he started studying. And finally, he started teaching technical analysis in 2013 — THANK HEAVENS FOR THIS MOMENT (angelic choir sound please). I consider this a BLACK SWAN event in the Philippine Trading Arena.


My ERUDITE mates Nikkosan & Chronos also shared their stories on how they started trading, it was comforting to know that all of us including Boss himself started out as investors, I am not alone…

Chronos, just like Boss, also started investing in 2006 where he mostly invested in IPOs. He then enrolled in different classes to broaden his knowledge in investing and eventually started reading about TA. He shared that while boss was still in high school in 2006, he was sadly already working on that same year, that’s just Chronos being the funny guy that he is. He also told us how he was sure to have attended a lot more other trading classes hasn’t he found Master Class. But seriously, I genuinely learned three important lessons here: first, it’s never too late for anyone to learn TA; second,  it’s really important to have a mentor who could systematically teach and guide you all throughout; and third, a person’s young age shouldn’t matter, it’s his capabilities and experience that we should look into – in this case, Zeefreaks as our mentor who is way younger than all three of us, but whom we got high respects for.

Follow Chronos, a guy that I’m really proud to be associated with. Check his FB and you’ll know why:


The next to share her story was Nikkosan, this is an interesting one I tell you. Nikkosan started her very-well-organized-and-maintained investing in 2014. Her interest in the Philippine Stock Market started when she was working in a financial institution abroad. Again, just like the rest of us at Master Class, she started her journey as an investor until she got curious on what challenges trading can bring, then she found ZFT. Why I say her investing or trading journey is well-organized is because SHE HAD A JOURNAL SINCE DAY ONE, that’s how she knows that the first stock she ever bought was MEG and that she held on to one particular stock for hundreds of days, and that’s one golden nugget we can all learn from. AMAZING! Right? She tells us more about where it all begun in this blog entry:

Once you get to know Nikkosan, you’ll realize how lucky I am to have her as a friend.


I was the last to share my story. Well, it’s not so interesting as the ones you’ve read above and I didn’t share all in class because I always get nervous in the presence of #ZeeLeste but I’ll tell you all I could recall here. I started investing in the stock market in 2012 when I read the pdf book My Maids Invest In The Stock Market. Like most traders, I always thought before that the stock market was only for the rich. Learning about the stock market was good for me, I got addicted into investing after this, I used the Peso-Cost-Averaging method and religiously bought blue chip stocks every month. As I saw my capital grow it motivated me further to save better and invest more. I subscribed to newsletters, I joined Facebook groups, I read all of COL’s research and reports; I learned about Bloomberg, Financial Times, CNN Money, etc., just like I said – I was hooked! I saw that this world was for me, it opened my eyes to financial knowledge that I had zero knowledge to before, it made me feel rich, it made me feel empowered. Then one day I saw that there are stocks that moved as high as 30-40% in a day but which names I didn’t recognize. I looked around and asked questions in groups, until I learned that these are speculative stocks “stay away from those, they are bad for your portfolio” they said, and I listened, but not for long. When I got interested in these fast-moving stocks, I joined numerous groups and even paid subscriptions for “tips”, it was spoon-feeding, I had my fair share of wins and losses, but I was never satisfied, it always felt like something was missing…

The missing puzzle…

It’s sometime in 2017, I started following a blog called Rooting for Celeste, her stories were so beautiful that I got enamoured with the life of these mysterious traders who called themselves Zeefreaks Tribe. I already knew about ZeeFreaks as early as his first subasta days, but I was still into investing back then so his greatness was not known to me yet. Until one day, I read in a Facebook post that Celeste came back home to Philippines from abroad – for good. Facebook groups were talking about it, subscription groups in discord were talking about it, and even I was telling my life partner about it, my annoyed life partner who doesn’t have any idea about trading, but had to listen to my endless blabber anyways. This event in Celeste’s life made me realize that the stock market could be my potential next business. From then on, trading was no longer just a hobby for me, it became my life mission, this will be my next big success. But of course I would need help – the right one! So I stalked all ZFTs I could possibly ask help from while still constantly stalking Celeste using my troll account. I chose to chase ZFT because they are one of the most respected if not the best trading group in the industry and they opened my eyes and heart to their humongous RAK culture. One day, Celeste was taking a poll if she should create a mentorship program for women traders, this made me jump off my seat! This was my chance, this was the trading fortune I’ve been looking for! After many many deep breaths, I took the courage to write to Celeste. I typed, I erased, I retyped, till I finally hit send… A couple of days passed, I didn’t hear back from her… Feeling embarrassed, I deleted my message thinking it would also get deleted from her end, but a few days passed and she replied, she even apologized for responding late, could you believe it? I mean, what kind of celebrity in this day and age would apologize to a fan for a later reply? Who does that nowadays? Only the celebrity with kind hearts, with a genuine desire to help, that was Celeste, my indirect online mentor… A kind-hearted person I am so proud to now call my mentor, my coach… A lot of beautiful and meaningful conversations followed, and lead to an unforgettable event… Which I think we can save for later.

I got carried away there for a second…

So, back to topic, why does it still feel like a dream?

Knowing the significance of Zeefreaks’ success in trading, he can be compared to a greek god who comes down to earth to teach us mere mortals whenever his busy schedule permits.  For him to teach us of the pros and cons of technical trading or the emphasis of liquidity and volatility is like winning a million bucks! It’s hard to believe! It’s mind-blowing! And most of all, to be taught by a master like him is A GREAT HONOR! I still can’t wrap my head around it sometimes – that the great Zeefreaks is my freakin’ rockin’ mentor. Just awesome! Life is awesome!

I enjoyed every bit of writing this, it’s been a while since I did… Boss was right:

“Your stories are your treasures” — Zeefreaks

If you want to learn what he teaches us, just check his awesome blog for free learnings! Celeste pointed me to this direction in November last year, and I learned a lot of juicy stuff!


#Zeeleste 4evaaaaah

And since I’m a huge #ZEELESTE Fan, I can’t help but make you read this. Hihihihihihihihi.

Our First Encounter and A Super play ($web)

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