That Elusive Tuple Dream

Don’t you just envy those traders who post their DYM, TYM, QYM gains within a year or sometimes even just in months? I’ll be the first to admit I do!

Ever since I’ve started investing in the stock market I’ve always dreamed of doubling my money. I was investing in Blue Chips back then, I started with a small amount. Few years later, I was able to exponentially grow that fund, but… It was not through my gains, it was through consistent monthly deposit in my trading account.  I did not know how to trade technically back then, I was just simply doing Peso Cost Averaging, until 1 year I earned 20% by just religiously scrutinizing COL’s Investment Guide, I would buy those stocks that are way below the suggested Buy Below Price, I did not know it back then but PSEi was in a bull run.

Then one day I saw the stocks in the Top Gainers section, wow these stocks were gaining 40%, 30% 20% in one day! But most names are unfamiliar to me… I dag a little deeper and I learned the term “basura stocks”, and booom! That was the beginning of my interest in Technical Trading.

A couple more years passed of on-and-off self-study about technical trading, I joined various groups, followed people on facebook and that’s where I read the terms DYM, TYM… etc… I was so enamored with these traders’ gains that it ultimately became my dream to achieve this DYM, TYM status.

And so I began my quest…

I attempted a lot of times, but in all these times I failed…

Until I discovered what was lacking… I was lacking in knowledge, and most importantly: I WAS LACKING IN DISCIPLINE AND CONSISTENCY. I would study one system, back test it, try it, use it, execute it and then dump it, move to the next… This was a vicious cycle… Thankfully, last year I recognized my mistakes, accepted my flaws in trading, and took a trading class…

And so… The Tuple Dream gets revived.

What exactly is a tuple? I saw this answer in Quora:

tuple is a finite ordered list of elements . The term originated as an abstraction of the sequence: single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, octuple, …, n‑tuple, …, where the prefixes are taken from the Latin names of the numerals. The unique 0‑tuple is called the null tuple. A 1‑tuple is called a singleton, a 2‑tuple is called an ordered pair and a 3‑tuple is a triple or triplet. can be any nonnegative integer.

0 – empty tuple . (unit / empty sequence) — This was me last year.

1 – single . (singleton / monuple) — This is me now! (Taray, may growth)

2 – double . (couple / (ordered) pair / dual / twin / product) — This is within my current 1-year goal.

3 – triple . (treble / triplet / triad) — This, too.

4 – quadruple . — Eto rin!

5 – quintuple . — Next year ka sa kin.

6 – sextuple . — Next year ka din.

7 – septuple . — See you next year.

8 – octuple . — See you in 2020.

9 – nonuple . — You, too.

10 – decuple . — And you!

11 – undecuple . — Hello 2021.

12 – duodecuple . — I’ll catch you there, too!

13 – tredecuple . — And you!

14 – quattuordecuple . — I’ll hunt you in 2022!

15 – quindecuple . — And you!

16 – sexdecuple . — You get ready, too!

17 – septendecuple . The rest of you, just hang in there, I’m coming for you!

18 – octodecuple .

19 – novemdecuple .

20 – vigintuple .

21 – unvigintuple .

22 – duovigintuple .

23 – trevigintuple .

24 – quattuorvigintuple .

25 – quinvigintuple .

26 – sexvigintuple .

27 – septenvigintuple .

28 – octovigintuple .

29 – novemvigintuple .

30 – trigintuple .

31 – untrigintuple .

32 – Duotriguple .

33 – Tretriguple .

34 – Quattuortriguple .

35 – Quintriguple .

36 – Sextriguple .

37 – Septentriguple .

38 – Octotriguple .

39 – Novemtriguple .

40 – Quadraguple .

41 – Unquadraguple .

42 – Duoquadraguple .

43 – Trequadraguple .

44 – Quattuorquadraguple .

45 – Quinquadraguple .

46 – Sexquadraguple .

47 – Septenquadraguple .

48 – Octoquadraguple .

49 – Novemquadraguple .

50 – Quinquaguple .

51 – Unquinquaguple .

52 – Duoquinquaguple .

53 – Trequinquaguple .

54 – Quattuorquinquaguple .

55 – Quinquinquaguple .

56 – Sexquinquaguple .

57 – Septenquinquaguple .

58 – Octoquinquaguple .

59 – Novemquinquaguple .

60 – Sexaguple .

61 – Unsexaguple .

62 – Duosexaguple .

63 – Tresexaguple .

64 – Quattuorsexaguple .

65 – Quinsexaguple .

66 – Sexsexaguple .

67 – Septensexaguple .

68 – Octosexaguple .

69 – Novemsexaguple .

70 – Septuaguple .

71 – Unseptuaguple .

72 – Duoseptuaguple .

73 – Treseptuaguple .

74 – Quattuorseptuaguple .

75 – Quinseptuaguple .

76 – Sexseptuaguple .

77 – Septenseptuaguple .

78 – Octoseptuaguple .

79 – Novemseptuaguple .

80 – Octoguple .

81 – Unoctoguple .

82 – Duooctoguple .

83 – Treoctoguple .

84 – Quattuoroctoguple .

85 – Quinoctoguple .

86 – Sexoctoguple .

87 – Septoctoguple .

88 – Octooctoguple .

89 – Novemoctoguple .

90 – Nonaguple .

91 – Unnonaguple .

92 – Duononaguple .

93 – Trenonaguple .

94 – Quattuornonaguple .

95 – Quinnonaguple .

96 – Sexnonaguple .

97 – Septennonaguple .

98 – Octononaguple .

99 – Novemnonaguple .

100 – Centuple .

1000 – Millidruple .

1 million – Megadruple .

1 billion – Gigadruple .


So there you go, my Tuple dream, my Tuple goal!

Ed Seykota has done it, WE CAN DO IT TOO!

2019 goals tuple.JPG

The first order of business this 2019


It seems cliche doesn’t it?

Almost everyone is setting goals at the beginning of the year, this has been the norm since, well, forever. At every first week of January that’s all you can read in almost everyone’s feed in social media; back in the days and up to now that’s also the main topic on morning shows during this time of the year.

For me, that’s a good thing. Having a positive yearly habit is way better than not having any positive thing in your life at all. Having something to aim for is better than not having a direction for the year, or in your life for that matter. Watching people’s interview about their goal settings, what they dream this year, their life ambitions, is a refreshing entertainment and a very much welcomed break from all the negative news circulating in the media.

But if you’re serious about setting goals (like how I believe I am), it shouldn’t only be an annual thing, setting goals should be a DAILY HABIT.

I am grateful to have read the book The One Thing last year, it made explaining goal settings to my colleagues and to people surrounding me in general, way easier. It uses the scientifically proven Domino Effect as a foundation of the process. This process is pretty simple, you just have to ask yourself these questions and your answers become your goals:

  1. Your SOMEDAY GOAL: ask yourself, what is your ULTIMATE GOAL? Your BIGGEST WHY?
  2. Your FIVE-YEAR GOAL: to reach your someday goal, what are you willing to do in the next five years?
  3. Your ONE-YEAR GOAL: to reach your five-year goals, what’s the one thing you can do within this year?
  4. Your MONTHLY GOAL: to reach your annual go what must you do within this month?
  5. Your WEEKLY GOAL: to arrive at your monthly target what are you aiming to accomplish this week?
  6. Your DAILY GOAL: ask yourself, what goals have you set today that will help you get to your weekly goal?
  7. And the most important action of all… What amazing, positive thing are you doing RIGHT NOW that can positively lead you to your DAILY GOAL?

I love this process, this is my favorite goal setting system so far. It is so easy yet if you practice it the results are amazing. What seems to be impossible become easily possible 🙂 Because BIG DREAMS are achieved by taking SMALL ACTIONS, one baby step at a time. It’s just like compounding interests. Marginal improvements for the win!

2019 goals SOMEDAY.JPG

This coming Monday is my first trading day for 2019, it’s not my 1st 1-day goal though, it will already be my 3rd one-week goal to reach my monthly goal in trading. I have faith that my someday goal in trading will come sooner than 5 years, it can be done with persistence and consistency, these are 2 actions that are always included in my daily goals 🙂

Tomorrow is my first day in office for 2019, my whole week there will be dedicated to one-on-one coaching and setting goals with all the staff.

Today was my first day in setting my personal goals. Why do I say first day when it doesn’t take long to set goals? In my case, it takes me about a week to polish my goals, sometimes I add something as long as it is of substance, or sometimes I remove something in the list when I feel it is not helpful.

I’m excited to finish writing my goals and hanging my new vision boards! And I am more excited in accomplishing them!

I wish I can share all my goals with you, but here’s one thing I’m sure of: it will include goals that create POSITIVE HABITS – this is one thing I’m proud of, consistently being an optimist in the past 8 years 🙂

Happy new year! Happy year of the pig! May all your dreams within your 1-year goal list come true!

2019 goals


“You’ve mastered trying to master everyone else’s mastery, except yours”

Aray! Ang sakit ha!

Lakas Tama

This FB post by Nikki aka Nomad Finance Girl really struck me (Read it here: . We all know that MASTERY is the way to success, but what are we doing about it?

I know, I am 100% sure that the end goal is MASTERY (it’s even my facebook timeline cover for God’s sake), but what am I doing about it???

Well, I’m happy to report that last week, two weeks after Master Class and two weeks after my purge, I finally got to trade.

Road to Mastery

During the last week of Master Class, I was outside the country, travelling for work, but at the same time I was trading… I was force trading while I was stressed out with my work project… I was over trading without a plan while my hands were also full with my work project… That ultimately led to a disaster, I had to cut on losses on trades that I had zero idea about. It’s a similar feeling when you get so drunk and wake up the next morning without any recollection on what happened to you the night before… Thankfully, I was able to bounce back to reality and able to recognize this problem. I immediately purged my port…

One week after Master Class, I decided I should start anew, I followed an advice from Mentor Date Masamune that I should’ve followed a long time ago… I made a BIG DECISION TO START SMALL. I took my funds out of my port and kept a small amount as my capital to start over again…

Two weeks on, I still was not trading. I blanked out, I was not able to trade, I froze…  Now that I learned all about these setups, all plays suddenly appeared… But how do I trade all these setups? I was lost, I did not know where to start. I was paralyzed by fear…

On the last week of November, I composed myself, I convinced myself that I should do something about it. And the first thing I did was acknowledge my problem and reflect on it. I told my batch mates about it, I told my life partner about it, and I told my focus discussion group about it. I am lucky to have a strong support system, I received good advice from these people and also from Mentor Mesino that week. I am lucky to have a ZFT support group, the learning is continuous and the support is readily available when you need it.

November 29, 2018 I finally decided to move forward. I accepted to myself that I will fail a lot of times, I will struggle with my emotions, I will be in tough situations… But no matter what, I have to succeed… Because in our batch, ERUDITE, we all made a promise to make our Master Class batch a 100% success rate. And I must succeed for my family, my biggest WHY…

December 2, 2018 / Day 0     I started backtesting which I put in journals so I can acknowledge my mistakes and also writing the possible solutions. After this, I made may Watch List.

December 3, 2018 / Day 1     My port is finally alive 🙂 I still continued my back test. 

December 8, 2018 / Day 6     I Felt happy that I finally got to trade, and I followed the plan. This is the excerpt from my trading journal:

Day 6 A work in progress

I am still a work in progress, I think we all are, I think we will always be…

For now, I leave it here, I will FOCUS ON MASTERING MYSELF…

Until next time!

Back to Basics (Reviewer Series): Trading the ZeeFreaks Way


In this reviewer, I would like to post 10 sample charts that clearly shows Boss Zee’s AOTS Parameter settings. The purpose of writing these reviewers here in the blog is so I can share the knowledge that Coach Celeste and Boss Zee imparted with us, and for me to easily remember the lessons 🙂

Here is the link to Boss Zee’s blog if you want to go in depth with the technicals:

The Basic of Basics DirectoryThe Basic of Basics MOVING AVERAGES notes

So here goes the examples.

Remember the AOTS formation consists of the 20MA (Red) going above the 50MA (Magenta) and both are above 100MA (Blue). Enjoy studying these 10 examples below.


Next, I will post 10 chart samples of PUA, or the Parallel Universe Alignment.

Good night!


Back to Basics (Reviewer Series): Identifying Trends

Trend in chart is simply the direction of where the market is moving in to.

There are three types of trends:

  1. The UPTREND
  3. And the SIDEWAYS

The trends can be identified by using

  • Moving Average
  • Channel Line
  • And the most important tool: Price Action

In the examples below, I’ll show you how to identify trends using the above mentioned weapons.

Let’s start with the easiest to trade, the UPTREND.

If you love traveling like I do, you can remember this as the trend that goes from South West to North East based on the Intermediate Direction, hehehe!

Identifying UPTREND using the Moving Averages

You can see in the chart sample of the PSEi below that the direction is Uptrend by identifying the position of the MAs and how they are aligned. The 20MA (Red Line) is above the 50MA (Magenta Line) and both are above the 100MA (the Blue Line).

And a very important note: it is important that the price (candles) is moving above the 100MA.Back to Basics 1 Trend Identification

Identifying UPTREND using the Channel Line

In this exact same chart sample of the PSEi we can identify that the stock is on an uptrend by plotting a channel line (Blue line).

To confirm the trend, you must plot the line from left to right by finding the points of support or the area where the stock is pulling back to.

To confirm if the stock is on an uptrend, the channel line must be angled up from left to right. Back to Basics 1 Trend Identification channel lines.JPG

Identifying UPTREND using Price Action – This is the best indicator!

By looking at the bare chart, the same example as the previous two, identify where the price is making a New High and a New Low.

If the price is making Higher Highs and Higher Lows starting from left to right, it is confirmed that the stock is in an Uptrend. Back to Basics 1 Trend Identification price action


Now let’s move to the Downtrend.

In Intermediate Direction, this is the trend that goes from North West to South East, hehehehe!

Identifying DOWNTREND using the Moving Averages

In the chart below, we use PSEi again as an example. We will know if the direction is Downtrend by identifying the position of the MAs and how they are aligned. The 20MA (Red Line) is BELOW the 50MA (Magenta Line) and both are BELOW the 100MA (the Blue Line).

And again, the position of the price (candles) against the 100MA is very important. If the price is moving BELOW the 100MA then this is a definite downtrend.

Back to Basics 1 Trend Identification downtrend mas

Identifying DOWNTREND using the Channel Line

In the exact same chart sample of the PSEi we can identify that the stock is on a downtrend by plotting a channel line (Blue line).

To confirm the trend, you must plot the line from left to right by finding the points of RESISTANCE or the area where the stock is resisting to.

To confirm if the stock is on an downtrend, the channel line must be ANGLED DOW from left to right. Back to Basics 1 Trend Identification downtrend channel

Identifying UPTREND using Price Action – This is the best indicator!

By looking at the bare chart, which is still the same example as the previous two, identify where the price is making a New Low and a New High.

If the price is making Lower Lows (Green Lines) and Lower Highs (Blue Lines) starting from left to right, it is confirmed that the stock is on a DOWNTREND. Back to Basics 1 Trend Identification downtrend price action


Lastly, the SIDEWAYS

This one can be found the Cardinal Direction, it is the trend that goes flat from West to East, hehehehe!

Identifying SIDEWAYS using the Moving Averages

In the PSEi sample chart below, we can easily identify if the trend is going SIDEWAYS or consolidating, if the Moving Average lines are in chaotic order and the price navigates inside the MAs.

In ZFT, the sideways MAs are also called spaghetti because of they appear to be tangled like the famous noodles.

Back to Basics 1 Trend Identification sideways mas

Identifying SIDEWAYS using the Channel Line

In the same fashion as plotting downtrend and uptrend, using the channel line to identify sideways is also by finding the areas where the price is supporting. In this chart, you will see that the support line is flat or even if we angle it up a bit to exactly touch the support it barely lifts up from its previous base.

Back to Basics 1 Trend Identification sideways channel

Identifying SIDEWAYS using Price Action – This is the best indicator!

In this bare chart, we can see that the price makes Equal Highs (Blue Line) and Equal Lows (Green Line). Simply put, it is resisting on the same Previous Resistance Area and it is supporting on the same Previous Support Area.

In the ZFT system, the box area you see in this chart sample is also called the Lower High Area.

Back to Basics 1 Trend Identification sideways price action

That’s it!

I hope you learned something, and I hope you will use this for its purpose – as a reviewer of the basics, which are very important as these are the foundations or our jump-off area.

Woah! I can’t believe it’s 2:02AM in my location already, I got so enamored with reviewing I lost track of time.

With this, I leave you with this fun, unconventional song, hahaha!

Reminders for a Fresh Start (Reviewer Series)


November 27, 2018

This is it! A fresh start. After months of training with Master Class, we are finally released into the wild to hunt by our own after a rigorous training, it’s time to put our weapons and our skills into the tests. We already know that our weapons work, our mentors showed us they do, our mentors showed us how to, we practiced them a few times and we experienced how they efficiently work. The skills can be trained,  and honed by practice – we know that too… The REAL CHALLENGE now is WITHIN OURSELVES… Can we survive? Can we win this battle? Can we thrive?

YES WE CAN! YES WE WILL! Because when we promised our mentors a hundred percent success rate for this batch WE ALREADY BURNED THE SHIPS – there is no looking back now!

Remember your training and everything that we, your mentors, have taught you.
Remember the lessons, stories of the struggles and the success of the mentors of ZFT shared to you.
Go forth and be excellent in everything you do. Bring our culture wherever you go. Show everyone what ZFT is all about. Make us proud! Show them what Erudite is made of!
We are really proud of you guys. Go 100%!
This morning my partner and I were chatting,  I told her how excited I am to go back to charting this week, and how happy I am that one of my chart matched that of an actual trade of Boss Zee. She agrees that I have improved with my charting skills since I learned the ZFT system, she then went on to remind me that,

“Your enemy is yourself.” –Aling Flor

I agree… I accept that my weakness is not with reading charts, it is with execution, therefore, I begin my hunt with this self-talk:




I’ll start with reviewing my Trading Psychology notes, and adding these here to remind myself to strive better everyday.


Dear Self,

Good luck, God bless, and go go go work hard for your dream!

11 27 2018 excali

11     27     2018 for blog.png

And to cap it off, a hangover from Bohemian Rhapsody movie fever. DON’T STOP ME NOW! I’M A SHOOTING STAR LEAPING THROUGH THE SKY!